small boat notch cover

Solar protection covers for
sea-launched rescue boats

USCG small boat
U.S. Navy Target Practice
US Navy Target
Keeping rain out of apartment complex breezeway / walkway
was the objective.
Appartment Complex
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Specialized Applications for Screen Mesh Tarps by ProTectrange from protecting valuable equipment from solar damage on U. S. Coast Guard Cutters to protecting horses from  their most persistent enemy, the common horse-fly.

ProTectSolar Screen Covers with quick release tie-down straps protect U.S. Coast Guard sea-launched rescue and patrol boats from UV radiation damage 365 days a year.

The use of high strength PolyCB2screen mesh and critical stress-point engineered reinforcement is what keeps these covers in new condition year after year.

Whether it be simple or complicated, many items or a single item, the skilled staff at ProTect Industries takes pride in combining the customer's needs with innovation to meet desired results. This is why ProTect Industries is America's #1 manufacturer of custom made high quality screen mesh products. 

You will find ProTectScreen Mesh Tarps on the high seas as the U.S. Navy practices their gunnery skills.

The tremendous resiliency and tear resistance of PolyCB2HD-60 keep these specialized "target banners" from being torn to shreds by artillery fire. After each practice run: the holes are marked; scoring points are recorded; and these targets can be returned to use several times before being discarded.

On a small ranch in the heart of Colorado stands a horse barn with horse barn curtains custom made PolyCB2 Fine Weave curtains hanging in the barn doorway.

Behind the outer panels, is a secondary curtain (not visible in picture) contoured to sweep flies from the horse's mane and backside when walking through. The bottom weighted outer panels assist in ushering flies away and then close behind the horse to continue keeping  flies out of the barn. 

appartment comples rain shieldKeeping rain off the breezeways of a 200 unit apartment complex in Ohio was the objective.

View and air flow needed to be maintained while keeping the rain from blowing in. At the same time, the material had to be strong enough to resist high winds.

With mounting design assistance from ProTect engineers, exact size tarp panels of PolyCB2 MX-90 were made to fit the openings. The tarp panels were vertically mounted on a slight slant with the bottom protruding beyond the balcony edge. The fine weave of the MX-90  then deflected the rain water to the outside of the building.

John in California needed shade with airflow to protect his balding head from sunburn while driving his Jeep with the top removed. ProTect delivered!

Sally in Louisiana needed a custom fit cover for the rear of her SUV to provide shade and air for her blue-ribbon prize winning pets while waiting for their turn in the competition. ProTect delivered!

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