How to Order

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Read Measuring & Attachment Methods. This will assist you in determining the final size you will want. Measure for a perfect fit, Measurements should be within 1/4" to allow for minor variances.


Select a screen mesh material based upon purpose and desired color. A great deal of help on this can be found under the titles, Detailed Overview and under Color & Weaves. Also, Frequently Asked Questions is always a good place to check for answers.


Picture each screen mesh panel as drawn out on a tablet. Across the top and bottom of the tablet will be the "width" and down the sides will be the "height" or "length" of the tablet.

Once pictured, terms such as: width, length (height), top, bottom (base), left side, right side, etc. become highly descriptive of the shape.

The overall size of a panel is represented by width and length (height) of the entire drawing.

Note: On some shapes, a diagonal measurement will be required to calculate angles that may be other than 90 degrees.


Proceed directly to the PURCHASE page. Here you will be led through a series of selections regarding: screen mesh material, product style, basic shape, edge type, grommet type and grommet spacing/location, etc..

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