Roll Down Curtains

ProTect Roll Down Curtains are custom fit to your specifications and are shipped to you completely assembled ready to be mounted. Before ordering, or to place your order, please email us or call us. We will send you our measuring and installation specifications guide and work with you on all the details to insure your satisfaction.

Sliding Curtains

Sliding curtains are very aesthetically pleasing and practical. They can be a few feet wide or cover an entire patio area. ProTect sliding curtains made from PolyCB2 MX-90 will hang smoothly, stay closed, and pull back nicely folded whenever desired.

The privacy and see-through features make these curtains a premium protection from the elements. They protect from the sun's heat producing and damaging ultra-violet radiation. And, they double as a rain deflecting shield and barrier from high wind gusts. Each curtain is custom made to your specifications for an exact fit.

Curtains can be hung from a conventional commercial curtain track or you can employ the use a of a tight cable installed securely  across the opening. 

A cable system is inexpensive and very effective on small openings of seven feet or less. On larger openings, a commercial curtain track system is recommended. 

Quality Curtain track systems cost about ten to twelve dollars per running foot including track, rollers, hooks and mounting hardware (see "
Customer Assistance" below).

Curtains can be made in pairs that meet together and fasten as they overlap. Or, they can be singular and slide back to one side or the other. Several curtain to curtain and curtain to framework fastening options are available including Velcro, twist lock connectors and/or standard stainless steel grommets. All of these options are available on our "purchase" page.

When measuring, consideration should be given as to where it is being mounted in relation to the framework. This will determine both the height and width.

If mounting within the frame, allow overhead room for the cable with hooks (or track system with hooks) of about 1" to 1-1/2". If mounting upon the exterior of the frame, you must be sure that the curtain folds when being drawn back will clear the overhead beam of the frame. The height (or drop) of the curtain should be such that the curtain hangs 2" to 3" above the floor. 


(1) If you are mounting on the exterior of the frame, you will want the curtain to overlap the frame uprights by about 2" for attachment.

(2) If installing a matched pair of curtains, allow an additional 2" to each section for overlap.

(3) Curtains do not pull across "drum tight". Therefore, you will want to add an additional 3" to the width for curtains three to five feet wide and 1" per foot of width thereafter.  If there is any remaining slack in the curtain after being pulled across,  it can reside up against the framework.

Attaching the Sides:

Consider how you wish to secure the sides. Velcro pads sewn into the curtain hem work very well when securing curtain to curtain. Also, twist lock connectors can be used for this purpose.

On the stationary sides, the standard stainless steel grommets over screw hooks is very popular. Or, the same grommets can be permanently attached. You can also use twist lock grommet studs screwed into the frame. Beware of using Velcro as an attachment to wood or metal. The adhesive has a tendency to loosen after weathering.

Twist lock grommets and connectors are available in three styles: 
(1) Inline locking stud (TLC) for connecting overlapping curtains together 
(2) Screw base stud (TLS) for attaching to wood framework 
(3) Wing flange stud (TLW) for attaching to aluminum framework

Matched Pairs: When ordering, the term "Matched Pair" tells us that the two curtains are meeting together when closed and that the attachment Velcro pads or Twist lock connectors must "mate" correctly. Upon checkout, be sure to indicate in the
Remarks Section which items are a Matched Pair.

Customer Assistance for ordering curtain tracks and associated hardware:

Curtain track systems are available in a number of styles, configurations and mounting options. To assist and as a courtesy, we will be happy to place an order for the proper tracks and hardware on your behalf.  This will require a phone conversation with you after you have placed your curtain order.  At that time, we will discuss configuration and hardware requirements with you. We will then place an order for the proper track and components so that your track system will be shipped to you with your curtain order ready for installation.

"When you demand the very best... We deliver!"
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