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Typical  Custom Applications for Sun Control , UV Ray & Other Protection Needs

Trellis / Deck / Pergola Sun Shade Solar Screen Covers

Hanging "Slide-Back" Solar Shade Drapes Keep-the-View, Not the Heat

Patio/Porch/Balcony Shade and Privacy Panels with View

Hang-in-Place Solar Tarps for Designated Area Shade from bright sunlight.

Insulating Screen that blocks both the heat and the cold.

Garden Protection Tarps
Prevent Hail / Rain Damage
Stop Foliage Scorching 
Increase Photosynthesis 
Expand Growing Season

Safety Barrier Tarps that Provide Added Protection for Balconies and Stairwells

Kennel Covers that Provide Shade and Cool Air Updraft

Condominium Breezeway Rain Deflection Tarps with Air Flow and Visibility

Custom Boat House Tarps
Stop Vessel Sun Bleaching
Discourage Bird Infestation
Allow Rain and Breeze Flow

Custom Marine Applications
Cabin Solar Protection
US Coast Guard Small Boat Notch Covers

Industrial Workplace Dividers to Prevent Injury from Flying Debris

Warehouse Loading Dock Pull-Back & Roll Down Insect Barriers

Horse Barn Fly Guard Window and Doorway Curtains
Weighed & Split Entry
Contoured Back Sweeper

Custom Tarps for Water Treatment Facilities
Restrict Insect Propagation
Impervious to Chemicals
Non Toxic

ProTectScreen Mesh Applications:  Custom fit Trellis and Pergola Sun Shade Solar Screen Covers,  Insect Trellis Control,  One Way View Privacy Screens, guardrail safety nettingPorch,  Deck & Patio Shade, Balcony Safety Barriers and a host of home as well as industrial type applications.

Screen mesh tarps, curtains and  panels of any size and shape are made to your exact specifications. They can be simple rectangles or can be comprised of angles, curves, cut-outs, etc.. Stainless steel grommets can stainless steel grommets also be inserted  according to  your specifications or you can select from standard grommet spacing  of 12", 16", 24", etc. on the perimeter ( more under: "Measuring & Attachment Methods" ).

All ProTectScreen Mesh Products:

Retain flexibility and shape year after year. UV protected for long life (30 year rated) and fade prevention.

screen weave

Will not mold or mildew. Will not become brittle with age and tear or puncture. Will not stretch nor sag.

Virtually indestructible. Impervious to hail stones, golf balls, wind blown debris. Up to 200 lb ball burst strength.

ProTectSun Shade Screens are formulated with advanced technology UV inhibitors that neutralize high frequency solar energy. This results in reduced sunlight glare, higher heat reduction and a sharp, clear outward view. Daytime privacy is inherent with all tighter weave solar screen (see: one-way-view privacy). 

Solar screens are available in three weave densities and percentages of Ultra Violet Ray protection: 60%, 80% and 90%. The 60% is available in black only. The 80% and 90% are available in a variety of color choices.

ProTectPolyCB2MX-90 is a remarkable mesh screening that reduces temperature exchange through it. It insulates from the cold as well as insulating from the heat. You still get fresh air and see out. This amazing material allows you to enjoy your porch, patio, balcony or screenroom throughout the year regardless of undesirable outside weather conditions. 

ProTectPolyCB2Insect Protection Screen has proven to be far superior to any other insect screen on the market. The NASA inspired multi-fiber core of each woven strand maintains lifetime flexibility while providing unbelievable strength and endurance to harsh elements. 

You, The Customer with your ingenuity, imagination and requirements are what has made Protect Industries America's #1 manufacturer of custom screen mesh products. We thank you! And, we will remain committed to listening.

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Attachment Methods

Other PTI  Products:

Solar Screen
by the Roll or Foot

shade screen rolls

Suction Mount Shade Screen Panels

Ideal for Home / Office Windows, Skylights, Doors, Glass Block Windows, Arched Windows, etc.

suction held shade screen

Customer Ingenuity

shade over gulf cart